Difference Between R134A and R410A Refrigerant Gases Dubai

Difference Between R134A and R410A Refrigerant Gases Dubai

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Using ecologically friendly products has additional advantages, such as peace of mind and the luxury of being cool on hot days. We must now pay close attention to the kind of refrigerant gases Dubai utilized, as one cannot outweigh the other.

As a result, more long-term choices have been developed.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Gases Dubai

All air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing equipment is powered by refrigerant gases Dubai. They’re substances that exist in a liquid or gaseous state. They create cool air by absorbing heat from the surroundings and combining it with other components such as compressors and evaporators.

It releases more energy, allowing your air conditioner compressor to operate at a lower temperature, lowering the chance of the compressor overheating and burning out. It also operates at high pressure, and new compressors are designed to handle greater loads.

R134A Vs. R410A Refrigerant 

Despite the fact that both refrigerants are environmentally safe alternatives to R22 refrigerants, they have distinct features. We’ll look at the distinctions between R410A and R134A refrigerants in terms of their various features.


In vehicle air conditioning systems, R134A refrigerant was created to replace R12. R134A, which is available in both pure and blended forms, can be used to replace R12 and R500 in chillers and medium-temperature refrigeration applications in both residential and commercial settings. 

Major authorities in Dubai have given R134A an A1 safety certification. It has a global warming potential of 1430 and no ozone depletion potential. It makes use of a polyester oil known as POE.


Although there is no retrofit solution for R22 systems, R410A is a high-efficiency refrigerant blend of R32 and R125 that was designed as a substitute for R22. It is primarily employed in both home and commercial air conditioning systems. 

R410A has an A1 safety grade. It has a zero ozone depletion rating and a 2100 global warming potential. POE oil is used in place of R134A refrigerant.


While both R134A and R410A are hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerant gases Dubai that are ecologically friendly, they are not the same. R134A is a pure refrigerant that is occasionally used in mixes, whereas R410A is a blend in and of itself. 

R134A has a boiling point of -14.9°F, while R410 has a boiling point of -61.9°F. R410A has a pressure of about 200 psi at normal temperature, while R134A has a pressure of around 70 psi. As a result, the system requirements for each refrigerant are highly diverse.

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