Domestic & Commercial Uses and Applications of R410A Refrigerant Gas

Domestic & Commercial Uses and Applications of R410A Refrigerant Gas

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R410A is a new environmentally friendly refrigerant gas that does not deplete the ozone layer, has a working pressure of about 1.6 times that of R22, and has a better (warm) efficiency than R22.

Domestic and light air conditioning devices use R410A. Because of its low glide, R410A is appropriate for various centrifugal compressors and can run at low temperatures.

It cannot be used to retrofit R22 systems since it is an HFC blend designed for new R22 applications that operate at higher pressures than many other refrigerants. R410A compatible systems can benefit from its ability to employ smaller components.

Zero Ozone Depletion Effect of R410A Refrigerant Gas

Improving air conditioning efficiency without harming the ozone layer is possible. R410A is a novel refrigerant that is made up primarily of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon components (expressed as HFC) and has stable, non-toxic, and better performance qualities. 

Because it contains no chlorine, it will not react with ozone or deplete the ozone layer. In addition, a new air conditioning refrigerant was introduced, as well as certain performance improvements. 

R410A is by far the most widely recognized refrigerant to replace R22, and it is widely used in the Middle East, Europe, and other regions.

Features & Benefits

  • Near azeotropic refrigerant mix including R32 and R125 as a substitute for R22 and R13B1 
  • Significantly higher efficiency than R22 
  • Refrigerant must be charged from the liquid phase to ensure accurate composition
  • Non-flammable with an A1 safety classification 
  • Polyolester oils must be charged in compressors.
  • Not a retrofit replacement due to substantially higher working pressures 
  • Higher pressures of this refrigerant must be considered, particularly when it comes to system components

Today, R-410A refrigerant is widely used in home air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, SMEs (small and medium-sized unitary air conditioners, dehumidifiers, residential central air-conditioning, multi-line), refrigerated dryers, Marine refrigeration equipment, mobile air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, and other refrigeration equipment. Get R410A refrigerant gas at competitive rates today.

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