How Freon gas was introduced to us?

How Freon gas was introduced to us?

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It is essential to keep your ACs and refrigerators clean and maintained with the help of cleaner and freon gas suppliers in UAE because AC units are exposed to the outdoors, debris, as well as variations in the weather and temperature, can wreak havoc on them, causing them to rust, clog, and deteriorate at a faster rate than usual. 


The first CFCs were created in the 1890s, but they were extremely toxic and volatile. General Motors organized another team in the 1920s to develop a safer, more stable, and non-toxic alternative. The patent for a refrigerating equipment was granted to Frigidaire, a branch of General Motors. In 1930, GM and DuPont founded Kinetic Chemicals to manufacture Freon.

Freon, often known as R-22, is a colorless gas. Dupont registered the name Freon as a trademark. For many years, CFCs were used in refrigeration and aerosol cans, but in 1974, a researcher at the University of California proposed that CFCs were depleting the ozone layer.

Use of Freon nowadays:

Freon is utilized not just in air conditioning systems, but also in upright and chest freezers. On top of that, Freon is used in a wide range of commercial and industrial equipment, including food transportation and cold storage facilities. R-22 is also used in dehumidifiers.

By inspecting the nameplate, you may determine which coolant is being utilized in your AC system. This should provide a wealth of information regarding your equipment, such as safety certificates and electrical ratings. This information is most likely on the outdoor condenser unit, but you may also contact the manufacturer to find out where this plate is situated.

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