Learn About R507a Refrigerant Gas

Learn About R507a Refrigerant Gas

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The refrigerant R507A is an azeotropic HFC combination. In low and medium temperature applications, it has replaced the refrigerant R502. R507A offers a broad variety of applications, including wet evaporation systems. In the context of condensation, it possesses excellent heat transport capabilities.

Situation with R507A Refrigerant

However, due to its high GWP value, the usage of R507A has been halted as has the use of R404A. With continuing usage, there is a possibility of significant price hikes and a decrease in HFC refrigerant supplies. New R507A plants will be outlawed starting in 2022, since the building of stationary refrigeration units using a refrigerant with a GWP more than 2,500 will no longer be authorized. EU F-gas Regulation (No 517/2014). 


It has found use in commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigeration and freezing systems, ice track systems, and heat pumps.


R407F, R448A, R449A, R452A, R454A, R454C are possible replacements or alternatives.

You may continue to use an installation that operates on R507A or R407 if you have one. However, since the manufacture of these refrigerants will be phased out gradually, there may be a scarcity of recycled refrigerants. The refrigerants R404A and R507 may no longer be manufactured. Installations may only be refilled with recovered refrigerant R404A and R507 after that date. It is projected that there will be a scarcity of regenerated R404A and R507, which would raise the price. Replenishment of systems that use R404A and R507 will be much costlier as a result. The use of these refrigerants will be forbidden from January 1, 2030.

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