What Is Fluorspar and It’s Input to Fluorochemicals?

What Is Fluorspar and It’s Input to Fluorochemicals?

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While the phase-out of F-gas has had a significant impact on UAE refrigerant gas suppliers and freon gas suppliers in the UAE, worldwide prices are largely influenced by the price of the mineral fluorspar. Without fluorspar, it is impossible to produce hydrofluoric acid (HF), and without HF, it is impossible to produce the wide spectrum of fluorochemicals necessary for many industrial and home uses, including the critical compounds used in n refrigeration and air conditioning gases.

Acid grade, or acidspar, and metallurgical grade, or metspar, are the two principal commercial grades of fluorspar produced and marketed.


Acidspar accounts for roughly 60-65 percent of total fluorspar production, with the two main applications being: the production of hydrofluoric acid (HF) – the primary source of all fluorochemicals; and the production of aluminium fluoride (AlF3), which acts as a flux to lower the bath temperature in the manufacture of aluminum. Fluorochemical markets include electrical and electronic appliances, metallurgical industries, Li-ion batteries, medicines, polymers, and agrochemicals, in addition to refrigerants and propellants.


Metspar accounts for around 40-37 percent of overall fluorspar output, with the major use being as a flux in steelmaking. Fluorochemicals is the most important market for fluorspar. Fluorspar demand was anticipated at 6.33 million tons in 2018, with HF accounting for 40%, steel 30%, aluminum 25%, and others 5%. Overall, fluorocarbon manufacturing is anticipated to have utilized around 1 million tons of HF in 2017, necessitating the use of over 2 million tons of acidspar.

In 2018, global HF demand remained stable at 1.2 million tons, with China continuing to contribute 45 percent of global production, North America 25 percent, and Europe 13 percent.

Plant closures in China, however, have curtailed production and exports in recent years due to environmental restrictions. Japan has raised output in response. To accommodate this world is facing a crisis. But luckily Freon gas is still widely available in UAE. You can check refrigerant stores to get one. 

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