Why Switch to R32 Refrigerant, And Why Now?

Why Switch to R32 Refrigerant, And Why Now?

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R32 is a one-component refrigerant, making it easy to reuse and recycle. It is also reasonably cheap to create and easy to handle since it does not split and uses standard technology to keep prices comparable.

As a result, more R32 air conditioning units are being developed, allowing the industry to gradually move to a position where we still achieve the performance and efficiency required for our buildings while utilizing refrigerants and equipment with a considerably lower GWP overall.

Don’t get worrying about R32 equipment being ‘untried’ and ‘new,’ it is worth noting that it has been in use in Japan for more than four years, with over ten million units installed and operational.

Many variables influence UAE refrigerant gas suppliers‘ decisions to switch to a new refrigerant, including environmental impact, energy efficiency, safety, and economic effectiveness.

Several major air conditioning manufacturers have chosen R32 as the best option for use in their products since it:

Has a low global warming potential (GWP) (675)

There is no risk of ozone depletion (ODP)

It is perfect for next-generation equipment since it increases efficiency and longer pipe runs.

F-Gas in compliance with the phasedown

Per Kw, less refrigerant volume is used.

It is inexpensive and accessible

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